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: dangerous weather in northern california. three days of nonstop rain will impact areas already prone to flooding and mudslides. plus, a couple lucky to be alive after a 100-foot tree smashes their car. police say the weather may have had nothing to do with this jon: prince william and kate middleton are officially pregnant. reporter: yes, the rumors have been swirling. they have decided that there has been no official confirmation, but all of the talk had been about kate middleton's new hairstyle the last couple of days. but the palace was rather forced to announce the pregnancy. she has a cute morning sickness, hypermedia scribe. last week, we seem the duchess of cambridge out and about on several very public engagements. she also visited the city of cambridge, after which their title comes from looking very glowing and happy. no signs that she was suffering, she must've been doing. very early stages of the pregnancy. we don't know if it will be a boy or girl, but either way, that child will be next in line for the throne after prince william. >> it sounds like a spell from a harry
. there's a company out in california who's got a thing that supposedly can cut burgers and will, in theory, replace three fast food workers. kelly: oh, that's not good at all. thank you, peter doocy. jenna: listen, as a former burger king girl, that's just wrong. you've got to make sure the pickles are in the right place, okay? >>> there's a major battle breaking out over the possible nomination of former senator chuck hagel as our next secretary of defense. >>> plus, dangerous and unpredictable huge waves. surfers might love it, but it's keeping lifeguards very busy. we're going to tell you where. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. jamie: welcome back, everybody. right now president obama's search for a new secretary of defense is sparking a fierce political battle. former senator chuck hagel, a republican from nebraska, seemed to have an early head start, but his po
california. ooh, doesn't that look nice. >> uh-huh. .so as you can see, gs customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? uma: welcome back, everybody. right now parts of the world are already ringing in 2013. new zealand kicking the party off early this morning, firing off giant fireworks from the top of the nation's tallest tour in auckland. they are one of the first to greet each new year because of its proximity to the international dateline. quite a show there. jon: take a look at this. the party underway in reclusive north korea. history in the making here. complete with official national fireworks in the capital city of pongyang. this is the first public new year's celebration in north korea in a very
and robbing and killing people when they responded. >>> a 17-month-old girl reported missing in california more than two months ago found safe in kentucky. university of kentucky police saying they got a call about a suspicious person on campus last night. when they checked it out, they found the baby with a woman who claims to be her grandmother. jon: a cyberattack on one of our nation's most elite foreign policy organizations. the website of the council on foreign relations targeted in a sophisticated attack. chinese hackers are suspected of using a new ploy called a drive-by. apparently getting into the server that operates the website and using the system to attack cfr members and others who visited the site. doug luzader is keeping an eye on that from washington. this is a website, doug, visited by a lot of powerful people. >> reporter: jon, good morning that may have been the motivation behind this attack. according to the washington beacon, computer specialists think that chinese hackers may have been behind this if you go to the website itself, everything works just fine. that is a
carry an automatic warhead as far as california. while it appears to be orbiting the earth normally we're getting the word the rocket may not be functioning all that well. general fir griffin from the pentagon. what else are we learning about this launch? >> reporter: there is confusion how successful the rocket launch was. u.s. officials confirmed to fox news while initial indications suggest that the launch was, worked in terms of going through the three-phases and putting the satellite into orbit, there are indications that the north koreans may not have full control over the satellite and while it remains in orbit, it is quote tumbling. it is not feared at this time by u.s. firms that it will fall out of the sky but they will watch it carefully the coming days. north koreans put out an account appears north koreans do have control over the satellite, contradicting u.s. intelligence. u.s. strategic command says they have not seen any problems with the light thus far. south koreans are continuing to retrieve debris from the long range rocket out of the sea, jenna. jenna: right now th
epidemic might soon be under control. harris: an eye-popping scene in southern california. a sinkhole swallowing a city bus. a water main break caused major flooding in oceanside and tore apart the road. the driver didn't know that and drove the bus head first right into it. he was able to crawl out of a window safely. nobody else was on the bus, fortunately. the city had to turn off water for 400 homes to fix the problem. a public works official saying it is good reminder not to drive through standing water, sometimes there is no road underneath. jon: good reminder. right now parts of the south getting a look at the devastation caused by tornados that swept through on christmas day. a feeling one alabama church knows all too well. alberta baptist church in tuscaloosa, crushed by an ef-4 tornado in april 2011 and just now after more than a year of working through red tape, the congregation is finally rebuilding. they hope 2013 will bring them a fresh start they have wanted for so long. elizabeth prann has details from atlanta. so after so much destruction is it common for churches to
's a lot of darkness out west until you get out to california. jon: yeah. having driven that span from denver to california many times, i can see why. [laughter] rick, thanks very much. jenna: well, right now some folks are celebrating out west, and today is the first day you can legally smoke pot in washington state. but how will law enforcement determine if people are too high to drive? those satellite images probably are not going to be useful in this sort of situation. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with more. william? >> reporter: well, jenna, 33% of those killed in auto accidents have some drug other than alcohol in their system, so the fear was legalizing pot would only make that worse. pot advocates say smokers know when they're too high to drive. well, washington state taking no chances, imposing a strict limit on the amount of pot drivers can have in their system. >> do you want to know why i pulled you over? littering and smoking the reefer. >> reporter: driving while high. more drivers are toking up. yet studies like this one in europe show too much marijuana af
this northern california area. so, jenna, your home of san francisco, unfortunately, seeing a lot more rain, and areas of northern california, maybe up to 10 inches of rain over the next five days, that will transfer to about 6 feet of snow in the mountains where i'm going to spend my first week in january. jon: had to rub it in. >> reporter: yeah. jon: rick reichmuth, keep the snow coming at least, you know, for the mountains. jenna: jon gets a little green with envy. jon: yeah. jenna: soon enough, jon, you'll be out there, that's for sure. well, we have some breaking developments of the marine jailed in mexico. we know a lot of you have been paying attention to this story. after months his family says they have a reason to be hopeful. the latest in a live report ahead. >>> plus, some new developments in a manhunt we've been telling you about in chicago. the bed sheet bandits, if you will. two inmates breaking out of a federal jail, scaling down nearly 20 stories using bed sheets. where are they now? the latest is ahead. [ loud party sounds ] hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not jui
on that. >> reporter: california utilities must get 20% of their power from ooh newables. state and federal handouts made that happen. most environmentalists are happy for rate payers and counties who are not seeing the savings, the jobs or revenues they expected, the honeymoon for sunshine is over. >> there are going to be screw ups, there are going to be bankruptcies, there will be indictments and they'll be deaths but we're going to keep going and nothing is going to stop me. >> reporter: critics be dammed says governor jerry brown who backs solar energy regardless of cost or consequence. >> we are adamantly opposed to that because we are the people living with it forever. >> reporter: riverside is home to more solar energy than anywhere else in the u.s. after billions of tax incentives and subsidies some call it a rip off. >> on the face of it it looks like a good deal. they talk about the huge jobs and long-term benefit to the county. we will be carrying the burden of having these types of facilities for decades to come. >> there isn't a single energy source in the ooh neat
weapons band that expired a decade ago. senator dianne feinstein, senator from california, author of the original assault weapons ban says she has worked on it for most of a year and with it will be carefully protected to protect gun owners t stops sale, specifically named firearms and semiautomatic rifles, handguns and shotguns that can accept a detachable magazine and semiautomatic rifles and handguns with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds t stops sale, transportation manufacture of strips and drums capable of accepting more than 10 rounds. to protect the gun owners the bill grandfathers in weapons already legally possessed the day the bill becomes law. bans 9 exempts 900 weapons for sporting or hunting and exempts man ali operated or permanent any-disabled weapons. joe manchin of west virgina and mark warner of virginia signaled their openness to new gun regulation and still another senate democrat took direct aim today at the nra. >> if the nra is serious about gun violence in this country, if they care about gun violence in this country, everyone walking ar
with the anti-terror issues overseas to the ice breakers up north in the arctic to along the california coast the panga situation as drug runners move further and further north, in some cases 400 miles north. we saw a tragic incident along the coast last week where one of the coast guard members was killed by a panga boat, basically run over as they tried to stop them. they are trying to replace 12 ships with eight ships the idea is the new ships will be better, faster, bigger and do more, as you might imagine with this budgetary situation it may not be really enough to fully do what the coast guard wants to do even though they won't tell you on camera, off camera they would like more assets, that is for sure. jenna: an interesting story we haven't hear a lot about until now. thank you, ad adam. we'll be right back. [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes! is efficiently absorbed in small continuous
hagel of nebraska is in line to replace defense secretary his wife he can return to california. hagel likely to have easy senate confirmation though israel supporters say hagel is not supportive of enough of efforts to isolate iran. a few other possibilities. tom donilon becomes the president's chief of staff. jack lew, former budget director goes to treasury to replace tim geithner who says he won't have a second term and. jenna: a bit of musical chairs as we go into the new year and see who fills those positions. wendell, thank you for the latest. jon: ambassador rice might be bowing out but the investigation into our attack on consulate in libya is far from over. the ambassador defending her response in the days immediately after the attack. listen. >> i don't think anybody is ever wholly blameless but i didn't do anything wrong. i didn't mislead. i didn't misrepresent. i did the best with the information the united states government had at the time. jon: south carolina republican senator lindsey graham said even though ambassador rice will not lead the state department the congres
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)